Please note: This website is only for those taking part in the Achieve Pilot (Law, IST, UDAR, P&C, Haas, Chemistry) If you are not a member of those Pilot groups please click here to visit the Performance section of our main HR website.

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What is the goal of the new ACHIEVE performance pilot?

The goal of the performance pilot is to support a workforce that is more:

  • Agile

  • Performance driven

  • Engaged


What is the approach of the ACHIEVE performance pilot?

  • Improve ability to set goals and align individual goals with unit and campus strategies

  • ​​More frequent check-in conversations: Managers will meet with employees three times a year to discuss goals and performance using a set of structured questions

  • Increase coaching skills: Managers will be provided with training and support to help coach employees on performance

  • Simplified online tool to document conversations

  • Merit program that provides a common framework and guidelines for assessing performance across criteria of job mastery, goal accomplishment, collaboration and innovation


Who is the ACHIEVE pilot designed for?

The pilot is geared toward non-represented staff only and their managers. Represented staff should not participate in the pilot.

What’s the timeline?

Conversation Period

Check-in Conversation & Notes in Tool

7/2019 - 11/2019

11 - 12/2019

12/2019 - 3/2020

3 - 4/2020